Instructions for using At-Home Covid-19 Test Kit


Getting Started:

• Fairfield Medical Center staff cannot answer questions about the test kit. Call eMed customer support
• Watch a how-to video at
• You need a hard surface with lots of space in front of you so that the test can lay flat
• An eMed guide may ask you to adjust your camera during the test

Home Technology Requirements:

• Email address and internet connection
• A device with a webcam; smartphone, tablet, or computer
• Don’t have these requirements? Please contact your ordering provider for further instructions.

Taking the Test:

• Scan the QR code below or click this link

• Read the Authorization to Disclose Test results and Related Information and select “Allow” at the bottom right of the page
• You will be prompted to either sign in with NAVICA if you have already used this service in the past or asked to create a NAVICA account.

  • Creating an Account –Each test-taker needs their own NAVICA ID
  • Read over The NAVICA™ CONSUMER APP END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT AND TERMS OF USE and select Agree AND Continue at the bottom of the page
  • Read over the NAVICA PRIVACY NOTICE SUMMARY and select Agree AND Continue at the bottom of the page
  • Verify your email and select “Send Code” and a Verification code will be sent to the email address that you entered
  • Verify Code
  • Follow the instructions to Create a password
  • Create your profile -When asked about “Primary Use” you will select “All Other” and finally select “Create Account”
  • Follow the prompts on the screen and answer a series of questions to ensure you are ready
  • eMed will ensure that your device is ready by taking you through a series of steps to check your speaker, microphone, camera , and internet
  • You will be directed to a Certified Guide once you finish who will guide you through taking the test
    • If the call is interrupted, immediately connect again, explain who you are and that the call was interrupted. The Proctor will then pick up where you left off from initial call.
    • If the test cannot be completed, call eMed at (844) 943-0753
Results are stored in the NAVICA app and/or at Fairfield Medical Center will also be able to access the results for verification of your procedure. If your test result is POSITIVE, please contact your ordering providers office for further instruction